A great way to kick off the New Year is by detoxifying the body of excess junk that builds up over time and cleansing.  Right before New Year’s Eve, I did an at-home 3-day juice cleanse and posted my results on my Facebook and Instagram channels.  Despite the typical iPhone/mirror photography, I received plenty of feedback from viewers and friends who were interested in cleansing and asked questions such as:
What is a juice cleanse?
How long do you cleanse for?
What recipes do you use to cleanse?
What can I expect from a cleanse?
What should I do before I begin cleansing?
Will it help me lose weight?
Therefore, I put together this video encompassing my 3-day juice cleanse experience and how I went about performing one in-home.  Feel free to ask any questions and let me know if you decide to try it out!  Tweet or instagram me your before/after photos with the hashtag #HealthyHabitsWithLynsee