As I write this blog in the midst of an indoor playground in downtown Miami, I realize that I am sitting on a chair built for a human with the butt of a smurf. I digress.
Despite Miami’s inability to make a weather decision, I have learned to dress appropriately prepared. One can never go wrong with black, and wearing a lace bralette underneath a crossover draped top allows for throwing the top off in the event that I perspire, excessively. In any case, pants that can be rolled up into leg-baring pieces of magic are wonderful. It also must be known that I left my favorite pair of Gucci sunglasses at the South Beach marina, while filming that Valentine’s Day: Expectations vs. Reality episode. I’m still bitter about that. However, these Wildfox aviators are a fabulous substitute.

Sunglasses c/o Wildfox
Bralette by Express
Shoes by Steve Madden