One of my favorite fashion trends of the moment, is athleisure. What started as a pronounced trend in 2010, has significantly shifted the way individuals dress. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of experiencing Funkshion’s THE RETREAT here in Miami. Essentially, THE RETREAT has taken the athleisure trend and turned it into a lifestyle. A four day retreat featuring fashion presentations, panel discussions, designer one-on-one’s, and private events took place at Soho Beach House and the Nautilus Hotel. As someone who is quite engulfed into an active lifestyle, it was an excellent combination of healthy and fitness-focused fashion/beauty. To be honest, I’m either in full-on workout clothing with little to no makeup or completely glammed up from head to toe. There’s really no in between…until now. Athleisure takes the effortless style of rocking activewear and melds it with business casual chic. Would you rock it?
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