There’s nothing like getting together with your girls and celebrating life, whether it’s enjoying a beach day, working out, or pampering yourselves. 
Fortunately, I had the pleasure of experiencing all of this over the weekend, thanks to OK! Magazine‘s Body and Soul Miami Beach event at The Raleigh Hotel. The all-day beachside event showcased the hottest celebrity health, fitness and wellness trends of 2017 and allowed guests to get out, get fit, and join OK! for a fun-filled day of wellness and plenty of pampering! 
I started my day with a quick stop at the Barbar, where I had my hair braided (let’s face it, my hair looks like a hot mess otherwise) before my first workout. Shortly after, The BOX hosted an intense and dynamic boxing experience that started off with some jump romping for cardio and shifted into shadowboxing and boxing-inspired bodyweight exercises. As many of you know, I workout often and the intensity levels are quite high. However, this was one of the hardest boxing and invigorating workouts I’ve ever tried. DJ Mike Louis played some of the hottest tracks, which made it a fun experience.
In between the boxing and Vixen Workout, I hydrated with both HINT water and Whispering Angel infused ROSE ice pops (yes, they legitimately had rose-filled popsicles on deck). Atkins sampled their new harvest gluten free breakfast bars all day.  Tampax and Always were sampling Pearl tampons and Always pads. The Little Lighthouse Foundation of Miami was there to recruit volunteers for their foundation.

 What I’m rocking:
Sports Bra by Beyond Yoga
Shorts by LIVE!
Shoes by PUMA