Now that Miami Swim Week has come to an end, I can get back on track with my regular scheduled programming. When I say that, of course I mean normal timed workouts and eating real human meals rather than on-the-go snacks. One of my favorite ways to get sweaty is boxing, as it’s one of the best forms of cardio and high intensity realness. There’s something about wearing cute workout clothes that helps motivate me to get in the gym, and Victoria’s Secret has some of the best fitting active wear in my opinion. It’s also fitting that supermodel Adriana Lima swears by a boxing workout for staying in shape. 
In addition to working out, I’m doing a 30-day detox with Teami. It’s comprised of a slimming tea in the morning and colon tea at night. Yes, this sounds exciting – I know. However, I have noticed a difference in the reduction of bloating since I started drinking the tea. If you’re interested in joining me, use my code LYNSEE for a discount on Teami Tea! Let’s get it.
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